Thursday, June 6, 2013

Songs of the Forest

The flowers bloom beneath the foliage
Sounds of spring welcome the creatures
Begging them to come out and enjoy
Streams flow along peacefully
Fish swim happily, relishing in the warmth
Squirrels run along taking and hiding their acorns
Slowly the forest comes to life
Green grass sprouting up everywhere

Prairie dogs run from hole to hole
 Birds fly above the trees looking for a place to settle while they gather leaves and twigs for a nest
Knowing that winter will be blowing through
Children see all the animals and wonder how it would be to be one of them: In the water like a fish or like a bird soaring on the clouds
Their imagination takes over as they run and play

(Written by Amy E. McCoy 2001)


Well it's like I want to see you, but you are too far away.
What is there to say about words express you.
But I will still try.
You are very sweet and clever.
You make me smile and I hate to see you go. 
I hope I am good enough for you.
I want to make you happy and see you glow with joy.
I want to hold you when you need a shoulder to cry on.
When you need a friend or a lover...I am here.
When you need understanding and comfort...then call on me.
I want to please you and I want you to please me.
I don't want to change or dictate you.
I accept you for who you are and that will not change.
I want you to be loyal and loving...nothing more nothing less.

(Written by Amy E. McCoy 2000)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Floating on this sea of joy
The ocean crests near me
The shoreline appears so far away
After a long boarding schedule
Dancing around this fire of love
The flames move heavenward 
The warmth draws us near each other
The flickering illuminates our creativity
Soaring on this cloud of bliss
Covering us with complete happiness
Ecstasy running over our bodies
Holding onto this fantasy as long as possible
As you kiss me sweetly

(Written by Amy E. McCoy 2000)

The Light

How can you tell someone how you feel when you don't know?
How can you love someone when you can't love yourself?
How can you be normal when you don't know what it is?
How can you be happy when you have never been?
And how can you tell if you are happy?

What is your greatest sin? 
Is it your ungrateful attitude?

How can you tell when you really know someone?
You may think you do, but then they do something to shock you.
 Is that what you call knowing someone?
Can you never really know someone if you don't know yourself?

So many people have so many vises that bind them.
What is yours, and can you break free?

If you knew the dark side of your soul would you be disgusted?
And if you knew others darkness would you be afraid of their potential danger?
We are all human -capable of love an hate. 
Some show more love while others show more hate.
To be a healthy person they say you must face your demons and destroy their influences.
It is a dark task to break your habits and learn better ones, but it is not impossible.

Hope is a virtue that I possess too much of. 
Faith is a virtue I need to recover. 
Contentment is something I have hardly ever felt. 
Love is somewhere in the shadows lurking around me, but I can't find it. 
Hate is an emotion that my desperation feeds on and the vileness increases.\

If I am supposed to be a light then I need a new bulb!
Cynical of my own faults I can't move past the pain.
Everyone wears a mask to hide their true selves. 
To disguise their pain, misery, agony, disappointments, secrets, lusts, love, and rage.
It is a procedure that should be avoided, but we can't remove it. 
The greatest tragedy we face is not being truthful to ourselves and others. 
What will it take for our hearts to be free?
Or our souls to be mended?

(Written by Amy E. McCoy 2000)


Women are complicated, a puzzle, a mystery. 
To discover who she is takes time and patience. 
I am thinking that she is worth the wait. 
I have so many wishes that surround my mind. 
Castles in the sky-dreams and desires. 
I am still holding onto her words. 
I cherish them; they replay on my mind. 
I don't want to play her games anymore. 
So I have to move on. 
If she is interested she will have to make some effort. 
I am not going to chase her anymore. 
It is not fair to get my hopes up or to allow myself to get hurt. 
She has taken me on a roller-coaster ride and I was a willing passenger.

(Written by Amy E. McCoy 5-2-09)

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