Monday, November 14, 2011

My Thoughts on Modern Life: The World Today

My Thoughts on Modern Life: The World Today: It seems that everything is so face-paced these days. Patience was not a rare commodity and people expected to wait. These days "patients" a...

The World Today

Is Faster Better?

It seems that everything is so face-paced these days. Our food must be fast, one-hour photo, prescriptions, glasses, oil change, and so much more.
Computers have to be fast, because if it takes more than three seconds to load a page online than it is not worth the time. Phones must do everything your computer can plus call for pizza.
One hundred years ago patience was not a rare commodity and people expected to wait. These days "patients" are in the doctors’ office.
The world is moving faster in so many ways - technology is the single most reason why! I love technology, but it doesn't always make life easier. We usually spend the same amount of time cleaning, traveling, talking, walking, etc.
Prime example: Washing dishes...a dishwasher is a luxury and can be nice to own. It seems you spend more time washing your dishes then putting them in the dishwasher then taking them out and drying them and putting them away. It doesn't seem to save time and the dishes are not always clean unless you truly scrape off the food. Dishwashers leave a lot to hope for.
It's strange to me how so many people get irritate over the smallest things. People get angry if they have to wait in any line more than ten minutes. 

Say you are at Wal-Mart (or any other kind of shopping center than happens to have super long lines and only 3 cashiers at all times) waiting in line behind someone who takes ten minutes to put 10 items on the lovely conveyor belt, slowly you and everyone around you becomes agitated, because this person also has to pay two different ways. The cashier happens to also be slow and or in training because the person has to ask a question that no one understands. The cashier asks for assistance meanwhile there no doubtfully is a long line behind you. So that one person that is always mad because they have to wait shouts something rude and leaves the line for a shorter one. By the time you get to the check out you are exhausted and just want to go home. 

 I have never been the rude person shouting, but sometimes I wanted to. I guess we all expect fast, friendly service, but it is not always delivered and lots of folks can’t be patient.   

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