Friday, December 9, 2011

Stuff I love about ebay

I love that eBay is so easy to use.
I love that eBay is a place to buy almost anything.
You can buy a car, clothes, jewelry, paper supplies, almost anything really.
I love that eBay is fast.
I love that eBay is cheap.
I love that eBay is world wide.
You would be surprised the junk people sell on eBay. Broken electronics, one earring, old tennis shoes, etc. Things that you think people would throw away. What's funny is people will buy those old moldy tennis shoes and that broken toaster - who knows what they need with either. I can see it now the buyer saying " Oh I collect moldy 70's sneakers. They will  be priceless one day." I doubt that, but more eBay power to you!

I'm surprised people even want to buy old clunky Atari consoles and games anymore.
Atari 2600

This is a one of a kind item. I have no idea why anyone would ever wear or make or buy these. Maybe for Halloween or Mardi Gras.
Rhinestone Boot


Fleetwood Mac - Little Lies Video

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