Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life Shapes

Creation begins with desire and imagination.

It's difficult to cloud a mind that is absent of thought.

A heart broken remains scared until healed, if it is possible.

Life shapes a person whether positive or negative.

Hardships crease your brow; heartache forms its own stress upon you.

When all is left is defeat and surrender a certain determination is formed.

My heart be brave, my soul be courageous

My mind be firm, my life be tranquil

Continue to strive and struggle and achieve my aspiration, not sacrificing my principals.

Sweet words, hard to achieve.

I cannot be what I am not.

I cannot give what I do not posses.

I cannot desire what is fiction.

I may dream, I may ponder, I may take, I may receive.

The grass is green and the sky is blue, some things remain true.

The time will be ever fading, but I do not chase it.

I ride out this ear soberly aware that I will perish.

I hope to obtain many things, and give more than I have taken.

I cannot ask for more, I deserve no more than I give.

I cherish not the treasure of the sea nor the gems of the earth.

I ask only for peace, I ask only for happiness, not for others - from myself.

Written by Amy E. McCoy (8-22-06)

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