Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dezeen Watches

Dezeen Watch

"Dezeen Watch Store visits New York this week: a selection of our most popular watches are on sale at the WantedDesign pop-up store from tomorrow until Monday 16 May."

Void watch

"WantedDesign is a new event taking place at La Venue, Terminal Store, 11th Avenue & 28th Street. Dezeen Watch Store will present bestsellers from our collection including the Uniform Wares 100 series (above) and the VOID V02"


Android Smartwatch

"He added: "Smartphones are getting bigger and bigger. People are afraid they'll lose or break them. Now you can leave your phone at home."
Users can remove the SIM card from their phone and put it in their smartwatch when they go out, van den Burg said, or buy a second SIM card for their watch.
Van den Burg added: "Android is much easier to use than [Apple's] iOS. Android is what people use around the world".
See all our stories about watches and all our stories about wearable technology. See Dezeen Watch Store for a selection of the world's best designer watches."

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