Friday, April 26, 2013

Never To Return

Lost to this world, never to return
Your memory burns
Your ashes are in an urn
Yet my heart years for you
Can not smell anymore
I am congested with a putrid sense of thick disgust
A great disturbance boils under the placid surface of my facade
As the intensity of the deep turmoil rolls over me, through me, slowly breaking me down 
Turning my pain outward to lash, to scream, to hurt, to punish
There is so much rage, so much agony

Self-slaughter is forbade! 
Forbade, why? Why do the gods give me no mercy, no peace, no time to breathe
Oh sweet mercy come into this broken life
I need some reprieve, peace, oh dear peace
How I beg for sweet peace, dear love I so need you
For the agony to subside so I can breathe
I am drowning, gasping for air, for hope
There is no future of joy
My tears, agony, and sorrow drown me
I tend to create a hell unknown until I realize that it is not my creating
I was thrown into it - there was no choice then, but now I do have a choice
Oh, I do not know why I have suffered, but I know I must forge on


(Written by Amy E. McCoy 10-30-06)

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