Thursday, April 25, 2013


Lost in my own anguish I can't see anyone but me. I try to fight the urge to scream but it comes out - it deafens and leaves my ears ringing. I stare in the mirror and see a ghost. A mimic of a life, broken spirit. Nothing left but emptiness I wonder why, I can not seem to be me. Me is gone, me was abused, and lost, and broken, shattered and scattered on the winds. I try to reclaim parts of me. So I journey on to hopefully find what I lost. From town to town - I search but am left ever empty, more displaced. A part of me cries out for attention for some stillness. I run from myself, my inner child, looking outward instead of inward. The scars remain seen in my minds eye, but I have blinded myself to them. Oh, how deceitful I am to myself and I wonder why I am lost.

Written by Amy E. McCoy 11-26-06)

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