Friday, April 26, 2013

Emotional Umbrella

Too many tears I have shed on you
Too many nights I have slept alone
No longer do I fear the loneliness
No longer do I need you to hold
I have withstood the torrents of thrashing waves
I have sacrificed my heart on the alter of love
I gave myself completely to your fancies

For all my effort what did I receive?
Your rage and disappointment, your merciless discontent
Your bitterness grew as my resistances weakened
The compassion I poured upon you was deflected by your emotional umbrella
I could not penetrate your defenses, You shoved me aside
You cast me away from your sanctuary, never allowing me to love you
You tormented yourself and could not find peace
I had no other choice but walk away

(Written by Amy E. McCoy 11-1-06)

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