Wednesday, April 24, 2013



Do we have to feel the breeze to know that it exists?
Do we have to breath to know that we are in existence?
What is true? What is false? What is life? What is death?
To be a pebble in a pond, is that life or merely existence?
To produce does that give an object life?
To create or destroy does that satisfy a life? A form? A type of existence?
The pebble can not speak, but does it exist?
Does the pebble feel hunger, cold, the ripple of the pond?
Is human life more precious than any other?
Do the trees not produce oxygen that sustains human life?
Without nature life for humans would not exist as we know it.
Do humans own the earth?
Were we here before all else?
People without a home, without a plane to exist - cannot exist.
The earth was created by something truly cosmic, but humans came later to inhabit it.

Written by Amy E. McCoy (8-22-06)

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