Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Boys

Here are my two boys, whom are so very spoiled. They are both adopted and rescued to live a happy life

Garamond was adopted December 6, 2012 from a shelter in Arlington. He is a (beige, white, and apricot) 3 year old terrier mix. I think he is part Cairn Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier, but I am unsure. 

He is 10 pounds and full of energy. He likes to laze about in his crate and to nap throughout the day. He is smart and barky, because he has a lot to say. He loves to gain someones attention while on long walks by barking. He loves babies and children, not so much adults. I am thinking that maybe he was abused. 
He gives the best puppy-dog eyes when he wants something - it's adorable. Garamond loves dogs and the dog park is his favorite place to go. 
Archie is a (brown, beige, and black) one year old terrier mix. I think he is an Irish Terrier and Cairn Terrier mix, but I am unsure. Archie was adopted from Paws in the City on May 4, 2013.  He is 12 pounds, but feels like 15. He is very stout and active. Oh and he also loves to nap, but her prefers the couch. He loves to play and is so very loving. He loves children and adults.

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