Sunday, May 5, 2013

Still Primitive Beasts

Thoughts elude me as I recognize the numb within. I care not to ponder yet still seek something more. To what end do we exist, a topic I will no doubt ponder for years as I have for many years still.
My mind is restless and my thoughts formless no shape, no design, blank, void, Do the cosmos offer any clue? I shall think do. Man may never unlock the stars; do we know too little, and can comprehend the like.
All strive for knowledge, understanding, and more ways to approach the hypothesis.

Once we thought that the earth being the center of the universe, now believes the sun is the center. No doubt we may revise that theory as well.
Of all the advancements we still are brutal, primitive beasts that grow strength in the senseless slaughter of each other.

I do not advocate the wholesale slaughter of innocents, but I see very few innocent. I find no established government or officials innocent. It is the laborers broken back that support this corrupted system.

I weep not for the politicians or wealthy men. I weep for the hungry, beaten, and downtrodden. It is they that are directly affected. The rich buy freedom while the poor must fight for it. The human condition is a sad one.

We call ourselves civilized, but we have not changed our biology remains the same. Fear the educated for they deliberated cause strife. The ignorant know not what they do; the repercussions can be deadly and infinite. This forethought is unbeknownst to them. They retaliate as animals would and can only be pitied.

It is the educated men that strike a man down with a pen that is what we call civilized. They do not need to shot and bleed a man physically. To crush an enemys hope is far greater than to crush his body. It pains me to see such abusive behavior. The blatant twisted force of power to enslave the masses disgusts me. Men do what fancies them and to hell with the rest. They do not care fro the others that suffer for their sake.

I weep for the long-suffering and meek, but I tire of carrying this burden. My resolve becomes weak at times yet my lineage is strong. 

Once my ancestors ruled over nations, owned lands in the mother country, fought many epic battles for freedom, but now I am left with none of their privileges, I am like one of the peasants they once ruled. 

How I was born out of era, too soon or too late I am uncertain. Many matters pain me intolerably. I find myself utterly misplaced in the shuffle.

(Written by Amy E. McCoy 1-23-06)

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