Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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Leather Bracelets

Dezeen Watches

Dezeen Watch

"Dezeen Watch Store visits New York this week: a selection of our most popular watches are on sale at the WantedDesign pop-up store from tomorrow until Monday 16 May."

Void watch

"WantedDesign is a new event taking place at La Venue, Terminal Store, 11th Avenue & 28th Street. Dezeen Watch Store will present bestsellers from our collection including the Uniform Wares 100 series (above) and the VOID V02"


Android Smartwatch

"He added: "Smartphones are getting bigger and bigger. People are afraid they'll lose or break them. Now you can leave your phone at home."
Users can remove the SIM card from their phone and put it in their smartwatch when they go out, van den Burg said, or buy a second SIM card for their watch.
Van den Burg added: "Android is much easier to use than [Apple's] iOS. Android is what people use around the world".
See all our stories about watches and all our stories about wearable technology. See Dezeen Watch Store for a selection of the world's best designer watches."

Sunday, April 28, 2013

San Francisco Bay Area Guide



Gerber Obsidian

Here are a few examples of awesome knives that I have located online. Their features are unique and they all have a function. I would have to say that the McClain knife is probably the most ornamental, but the other three could be taken camping and used in survival situations. The Gerber Obsidian could be an awesome EDC(every day carry) knife.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Review: Flipside Wallet 2X

This wallet is cool because it is plastic and flexible. It also has many layers with an easy to slide out feature.


Check out more info on youtube.



I love EDC (every day carry) the items that we carry on our person every day tends to vary, but are the basics we need to do a job or merely travel. It is interesting how many people can not leave their house without their phone.


Extra Lamp Song

Rhonda Headley (@RhondaHeadley) tweeted at 1:07 PM on Sat, Apr 27, 2013: Oh what to do with this extra lamp. https://t.co/1gfzRVFLRy (https://twitter.com/RhondaHeadley/status/328208850081701888) Get the official Twitter app at https://twitter.com/download

I busted out in song due to a lamp that I sadly could not find a home for in my apartment. I might sell it on eBay...idk yet.

Wallets Galore


Women like wallets too - not all of us like purses! Wallets come in every shape, color, and material and size. 

Some of the coolest materials like Tyvek, duct tape, plastic, neck ties, canvas, and metal are becoming way more popular than traditional leather. 


Odd sizes can make the wallet really awesome. The standard size of 4 x 3 is not always the best. 
The larger sizes can accommodate more stuffs, but really it all depends on your life style. 

Special features like snaps, buttons, straps, Velcro, and zippers add an interesting closure option to an otherwise boring wallet.


Friday, April 26, 2013


Your dreams have been shattered; they lay scattered throughout your mind. 
The will to reassemble your your thoughts takes a tremendous amount of energy.
You struggle to maintain control over your emotions. 
Every day the burden gets heavier; your agony greater; your heart darker.
At night alone in the darkness your eyes flow with might rivers of despair
You shudder in your pain; you cling to your hopes of a better tomorrow.
When morning finally rescues you from the torment of loneliness, you steel your determination and march bravely on. You are not willing to admit the dread you feel from the setting sun.

(Written by Amy E. McCoy 11-1-06)


Emotional Umbrella

Too many tears I have shed on you
Too many nights I have slept alone
No longer do I fear the loneliness
No longer do I need you to hold
I have withstood the torrents of thrashing waves
I have sacrificed my heart on the alter of love
I gave myself completely to your fancies

For all my effort what did I receive?
Your rage and disappointment, your merciless discontent
Your bitterness grew as my resistances weakened
The compassion I poured upon you was deflected by your emotional umbrella
I could not penetrate your defenses, You shoved me aside
You cast me away from your sanctuary, never allowing me to love you
You tormented yourself and could not find peace
I had no other choice but walk away

(Written by Amy E. McCoy 11-1-06)


Utterly Dreadful

What I need and what I must do are difficult to understand
What I need I have
What I must do will be utterly dreadful
To cast away all this sorrow will take so much time and oceans of tears
My heart has bled profusely and this aching wound will not heal
I fear the bleeding will not cease 
Inwardly I scream so loudly, but can not express the frustration
The pain grips me so fiercely and I fear I will be overcome with the loss of myself

 (Written by Amy E. McCoy 11-4-06)


Never To Return

Lost to this world, never to return
Your memory burns
Your ashes are in an urn
Yet my heart years for you
Can not smell anymore
I am congested with a putrid sense of thick disgust
A great disturbance boils under the placid surface of my facade
As the intensity of the deep turmoil rolls over me, through me, slowly breaking me down 
Turning my pain outward to lash, to scream, to hurt, to punish
There is so much rage, so much agony

Self-slaughter is forbade! 
Forbade, why? Why do the gods give me no mercy, no peace, no time to breathe
Oh sweet mercy come into this broken life
I need some reprieve, peace, oh dear peace
How I beg for sweet peace, dear love I so need you
For the agony to subside so I can breathe
I am drowning, gasping for air, for hope
There is no future of joy
My tears, agony, and sorrow drown me
I tend to create a hell unknown until I realize that it is not my creating
I was thrown into it - there was no choice then, but now I do have a choice
Oh, I do not know why I have suffered, but I know I must forge on


(Written by Amy E. McCoy 10-30-06)


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Age of Chaos

The Age of Chaos is past

The triumph of tomorrow reigns supreme in the land

Order restored, they take the spoils of war

They divide the treasures, collect the jewels they greedily desire

Minor squabbles over concubines erupt from the harem

Children squeal in the streets for mutilated parents

The conquered hunker in their homes terrified of the savages

Blaring horns scream the victory song for all to hear

That noise drowns out the screams of pain and rage

Insurgents are slaughtered for their protest

So many dead, peasants are still dying, still suffering

The bodies are heaped in piles and set on fire

The smell is putrid, damn you demons...damn you all!

(Written by Amy E. McCoy 10-26-06)



The chains of despair are broken by one involuntary shutter. I look back to see the remains of a broken dream. Together we walked in daisy fields. Now the scene is smoldering and I am disgraced. How could I let you stalk away without trying to explain? I didn't mean to be hurtful, but I felt so confused. The words would not come. The apology stuck in my chest. Sometimes I wish you could feel how I hurt for your sake. To be able to show how much I care, but the words will not be voiced because of this stubborn pride. I drag you  along barbed wire with my grating annoyance, because I can't do or say what you want. I feel so much compassion, but it gets lost somewhere between my heart and mouth. I hope you can at least see it in my eyes. 
I love you.

 (Written by Amy E. McCoy 11-26-06)



Lost in my own anguish I can't see anyone but me. I try to fight the urge to scream but it comes out - it deafens and leaves my ears ringing. I stare in the mirror and see a ghost. A mimic of a life, broken spirit. Nothing left but emptiness I wonder why, I can not seem to be me. Me is gone, me was abused, and lost, and broken, shattered and scattered on the winds. I try to reclaim parts of me. So I journey on to hopefully find what I lost. From town to town - I search but am left ever empty, more displaced. A part of me cries out for attention for some stillness. I run from myself, my inner child, looking outward instead of inward. The scars remain seen in my minds eye, but I have blinded myself to them. Oh, how deceitful I am to myself and I wonder why I am lost.

Written by Amy E. McCoy 11-26-06)



To grasp the blade - remove the ache. To give it all away - brush it aside. The night is bleak, astray, chilling. I strangle the sorrow - I draw the line. I can't believe I'm desolate. The despair of dread sweeps through my soul. I try to escape, but I'm shackled to the misery. The strength I once held fled from me long ago. I am trapped - I grow desperate in this hour. Seeing now way out, no light, no hope. Suffocating in the oppressive air - it is still, frigid, entangling my heart in chains.

(Written by Amy E. McCoy 10-23-06)


One Woman's Pain

I tire and hunger for rest from humanity. I've grown bitter due to constant heartache. Oft times I have wondered what kept me caring, functioning, or even motivated. Then I realized it has all been a means of escape. 

To what end?

What is the purpose of being? I do not see one, save it misery. I am exhausted by the high road; of being so damn objective and fair. 

I want t scream until my lings burst. I have come to another crossroad. 
Frankly I am disgusted with crossroads; this being the hundredth one. 
Once more I must choose a path, but either way it will no doubt end with disappointment. 

The creeping fear of a life without joy tends to soften my anger and deepen my sorrow. 
I feel as if my hardships have much more than scarred me. 

Honestly, does it matter one woman's pain? 

(Written by Amy E. McCoy 2-13-06)



Fever running through me
slowing me down
but speeding me up
giving me a chill
and setting me on fire

A frenzy surging about me
stopping my blood-flow
creating a stinging in my eyes
cleansing my heart
and breaking me apart

A silence in me
trying to be heard
boggling my memory
clouding my judgement

a sound alerts me
causing me to halt
in the tracks I'm stepping
kicking the soil in disappointment


Cows of the UK


Air Trams


Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way - 1977

This is a great song. They were so cool back in the day. I love the fashion in the 70's because it was so flamboyant and laughable. The sound quality is not the best, but that is not really the most important aspect of the video. It is a glimpse into the past when music seemed to be a better quality and lyric were thought out. Oh the good ol' days. And Stevie Nick is amazing!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Spring Day

Spotted arrangement of clouds
Bird singing gayly
The sun's warm touch on my nape
The smell of fresh, wet earth after a days old outpouring
A feeling of solace as I sit alone
The hills odd patchwork of red dirt and light green grass
For the grass clings violently to the soil as if extinction is near
Trees dot the landscape in various sizes, a lone reminder that life persists and attempts to survive
The pavement separates nature and humanity
Building jut out t proclaim their dominance
Automobiles reaffirm mans place on earth
A row of scrawny, thin, tall, hard-bristled trees stand solemnly on a lonely hill
A bush of red flowers of unknown origin hug the brick of a far building, alongside blooms a light pink bush with plumes thrust in every direction
A dry culvert speaks loudly and abuses its use, for it is dry, always dry, cracked, and useless
It bridges only land, dry dirt - pointless
A gazebo stands empty, begging for company, perhaps a couple of lovers to entertain it, to sit, and keep it in use
It beams want to hear the wooing, its seats wants warmth
It offers comfort and privacy, the seclusion, and enjoyment of such a fine spring day
It's old timbers creak in pain from the loneliness
The whole landscape is quiet and seems almost forlorn by the emptiness of it all - bleak
But nature has patience and stands the tests of time, remains steadfast in its will to survive, regardless of mankind's deliberate abuse of it
Or perhaps it is I who is empty, lonely, violent, near extinction, solemn, abusive, useless, forlorn, and bleak, yet steadfast and clinging to survive
Perhaps I am the trees or grass
Perhaps I am the clouds or rain
Perhaps I am the hills or the gazebo
Maybe I am a patchwork of them all
Or maybe I only wish I could be

(An observation at Frank Phillips College in Borger, TX)
Written by Amy E. McCoy (5-9-06)

On the Prospect of Love

On the prospect of love - I fear settlement

My heart dreams of romance and passion

To be swept away by love's gentle breeze;

to fall softly in caressing arms

Never to fear a harsh word or cruel intention

Looking forward to every break of day gleefully

The delicious comfort of contentment

 Written by Amy E. McCoy (5-9-06)

Life Shapes

Creation begins with desire and imagination.

It's difficult to cloud a mind that is absent of thought.

A heart broken remains scared until healed, if it is possible.

Life shapes a person whether positive or negative.

Hardships crease your brow; heartache forms its own stress upon you.

When all is left is defeat and surrender a certain determination is formed.

My heart be brave, my soul be courageous

My mind be firm, my life be tranquil

Continue to strive and struggle and achieve my aspiration, not sacrificing my principals.

Sweet words, hard to achieve.

I cannot be what I am not.

I cannot give what I do not posses.

I cannot desire what is fiction.

I may dream, I may ponder, I may take, I may receive.

The grass is green and the sky is blue, some things remain true.

The time will be ever fading, but I do not chase it.

I ride out this ear soberly aware that I will perish.

I hope to obtain many things, and give more than I have taken.

I cannot ask for more, I deserve no more than I give.

I cherish not the treasure of the sea nor the gems of the earth.

I ask only for peace, I ask only for happiness, not for others - from myself.

Written by Amy E. McCoy (8-22-06)



Do we have to feel the breeze to know that it exists?
Do we have to breath to know that we are in existence?
What is true? What is false? What is life? What is death?
To be a pebble in a pond, is that life or merely existence?
To produce does that give an object life?
To create or destroy does that satisfy a life? A form? A type of existence?
The pebble can not speak, but does it exist?
Does the pebble feel hunger, cold, the ripple of the pond?
Is human life more precious than any other?
Do the trees not produce oxygen that sustains human life?
Without nature life for humans would not exist as we know it.
Do humans own the earth?
Were we here before all else?
People without a home, without a plane to exist - cannot exist.
The earth was created by something truly cosmic, but humans came later to inhabit it.

Written by Amy E. McCoy (8-22-06)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Favorite Sites

Skullcandy is one of the coolest sites and has some of the best products on the market. Their headphones, earbuds, speakers, and clothes are all fashionable and affordable. I would have to say that the name and logo drew me in before I even tried the products. I own a pair of ear buds and I have owned a pair of headphones. I loved them both. I also bought a nifty t-shirt, which I also love.


Cool Material has some of the newest most interesting products online. This is my favorite "gear" blog. This blog is geared more towards men, but that doesn't mean that women can not enjoy it. I, myself, being a woman love it. Although I do not have an obsession with bacon - I do enjoy the majority of these products. I really do like the overall feel of this blog with its clean modern sleek design and all the nerdy and hip stuffs they showcase. The cool material team is pretty awesome.

uncrate is also a blog that is geared towards men and has a minimalistic design. It is an interesting site that showcases new and unique items from gear to videos. I do enjoy this sites app more on my iPod touch than online.

Fossil is one of my most favorite product lines. I love their watches, wallets, bags, key chains, and clothes. Their vintage lines offer a wide range of styles from sporting to traditional. The leather quality is also very nice and with most purchases the leather has a lifetime guarantee. All around the site and the products are amazing and not too expensive for the quality. fossil.com

Department of Goods is an interesting site that sells clothing, gear, and accessories at outlet clearance prices. They feature a lot of outdoor sports merchandise from companies like Burton, DC, Fox, Hurley, Billabong, The North Face, Patagonia and much more.

CleanSnipe is an outdoor gear site that sells outdoor gear at reduced prices. You can also sell gear to them which is awesome.

Zappos‬ is a great site that sells shoes, clothes, bags, and accessories. Prices are good and shipping is free.

Etsy I love this site because you can find almost anything handmade and for some reason handmade just feels better. If you are looking for something that feels earthy and simple then Etsy is the place for you.

eBags is a great place to find an enormous selection of handbags, messenger bags, laptop bags, backpacks, travel accessories wallets, and so much more. I really enjoy browsing their site, because yo never know when you might need a new bag, a gift, or just need to upgrade the worn out or broken bags you already have.

Fleetwood Mac - Little Lies Video

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